Slyder, the perfect symbiosis of performance, style and safe handling!

In the beginning there was a wish. A desire for fast, yet safe, for comfortable, yet challenging sailing. Thus the idea of Slyder catamarans was born.
Slyder catamarans allow safe and easy sailing even for small crews, offer highest seaworthiness and quality, as well as an ambience to feel comfortable on the sea.
Let us convince you of our concept and quality and make your very special dream come true with a Slyder.
Safety at sea does not tolerate compromises - in the construction as well as in the choice of materials.

Our serial-hybrid electric propulsion system is designed, built, pre-assembled and tested in Germany and then shipped to the shipyard.

Exceptional in this class is our high quality PLC electrical system. Combined with our new Slyder User Interface, this offers a new dimension in operating and monitoring your Slyder and the ability to accommodate special requests from the future owner.

Each SLYDER is CE certified according to the latest directive (2013/53/EU) and complies with ABYC requirements.