Slyder, the perfect symbiosis of performance, style and safe handling!

At first there was a wish. A desire for fast, yet safe, comfortable and yet sophisticated sailing. So the idea of ​​the Slyder catamaran was born.
Slyder catamarans also enable small crews to sail safely and easily, offer the highest seaworthiness and quality, as well as an ambience to feel good on the sea.

Let us convince you of our concept and our quality and realize your very special dream with a Slyder.

Security on the sea does not tolerate any compromise - in the construction, as well as in the selection of the materials. That is why we are happy to have two very experienced German engineering offices, iYacht GmbH und HENN Project GbR, at our side and to have found in our Chinese partner "Mazarin, German Yachts", someone for whom "German quality" is not only a measure and a challenge but also a heart concern, which he also carries out to the outside with his company name.


Each SLYDER is CE certified according to the latest directive (2013/53 / EU) and the construction is monitored by SWISS LLOYD. In addition, the specifications of the ABYC are fulfilled


VENYLESTER composite vacuum process

A Slyder is built as a standard in a 100% VENYLESTER composite vacuum process. Of course, all load lines are reinforced by unidirectional carbon fabric. The bow area is additionally reinforced for impact protection with Kevlar.


high-quality stainless steel

We emphasize our high quality standards with the use of particularly high-quality stainless steel at the most important locations in the outdoor area.



We use a very solid and pressure-resistant solid wood material based on the raw material Balsa. The boards are bonded free of formaldehyde according to DIN EN 314 (class 3, marine grade) and our supplier is certified according to FSC. All door frames and edges are made of solid wood. All built-in fittings come exclusively from leading German manufacturers.


safety glass

Only safety glass is used for safety, security and recoverability.


tinned cables

The danger of cable fires and possible electrical problems due to corrosion are avoided on a SLYDER by the use of tinned cables.


centrally located winches

A special feature of the SLYDER is the aft high protected cockpit. The SLYDER can also be safely operated from only one person, thanks to the centrally located winches. The sail plan allows the best adaptation to the prevailing wind and weather conditions.


curved daggerboards

A Slyder is equipped with "high performance curved daggerboards". These support the outstanding performance and act in restless sea due to your boosting effect as shock absorbers. A Slyder sails higher in the wind and glides more quietly through the water.